Digital Logic & Computing Systems (EEL3701C)

Digital Logic & Computing Systems (EEL3701C)


Dr. Christophe Bobda,,352 294 2024

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Course Description

Overview of logic design, algorithms, computer organization and assembly language programming and computer engineering technology. Laboratory. Credits: 4.

 Course Pre-Requisites / Co-Requisites

Knowledge of a programming language is helpful but not mandatory.

 Course Objectives

  • To learn the fundamentals of logic design and optimization
  • To learn the design and optimization of combinational and sequential circuits
  • To understand the components of register transfer and their application in computer design
  • To understand the organization and operation of existing computing systems, including general purpose, single purpose datapath with wired or microprogramed controllers
  • To learn assembler programming, instruction set architectures and approaches to design and optimized general purpose processors