Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Working in the SmartSystems lab on a design project can be an extremely rewarding experience for an undergraduate student (e.g., publication, presentation at conferences, working with experienced researchers, etc).

We always have room for individuals who are interested in working in one of the following areas: smart embedded systems, intelligent sensing, and robotics while investigating the design and run-time operation of high-performance and adaptive architectures with application in image processing, embedded optimization, security, and control. Please reach out to Dr. Bobda (c.bobda@ufl.edu) via email.

Preferred Skills

For students interested in AI in Edge Devices:

  • Applicant should have prior experience with image processing, 3D reconstruction, and run-time optimization, C/C++, Python, bash, MatLab, and Javascript.

Students interested in Hardware Security:

  • Applicant should have background in one of the following: Verilog/VHDL, SystemC, or Python and GUI design.

For students interested in Collaborative Robotics:

  • Applicant should be comfortable working with ROS, Python/C++, TensorFlow/PyTorch, Computer Vision, Controls, and ROS,  or embedded systems, microprocessors, VHDL and SOC Design.

Students interested in Surgical Robotics:

  • Applicant should be comfortable working with large datasets and machine learning models in TensorFlow and PyTorch with applications in computer vision.
  • Working knowledge of Linear Algebra and Geometry is also expected.