Autonomous Robots EEL 4930, EEL 5934

Robots are senso-motoric machines used to extend human capabilities. The design of those complex systems requires skills from various fields including mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. The advent of 3D printing has increased the accessibility of complex mechanical parts, thus pushing robotics work more toward electrical/computer engineering disciplines. Companies like…... Read More

Digital Logic & Computing Systems (EEL3701C)

Overview of logic design, algorithms, computer organization and assembly language programming and computer engineering technology. Laboratory. Credits: 4. Read More

System-On-Chip Design: EEL4930, EEL5934

The goal of this course is to provide the fundamentals of designing system-on-chip, from the high-abstraction level and refine it down to the implementation. Read More

Robotics Program Materials

Robotics Program Materials

The ECE Virtual Summer Research Experience was held July 6–16. Materials from the experience are posted on this page. Read More